Wednesday 5 August 2020

Long weekend plans that did not go as planned

Last weekend was a long weekend in Alberta and in the neighbouring provinces as well. I thought I would go to Jasper, Alberta for the weekend. I live in Leduc, Alberta and Jasper is about four hours from me. It was a wonderfully hot sunny weekend.

I got into Jasper National Park and it was crammed. The town of Jasper was busy and all of the areas where there were parking lots for hiking areas were full. People were parking along the highway if there was no parking available. I had kind of thought that with COVID it might have been a little less busy. I was wrong. I was also happy to be wrong. What I mean by that is that it is great to see everyone getting out, having fun, spending money. It was great to see things largely back to normal in the parks.

As for me, I stopped in a few places and ended up driving back home arriving just after midnight. I had thought about a hotel but I saved money by not paying the higher rates. Traffic was a little crazy, long weekends tend to bring out the more insane and impatient drivers. Hanging around closer to home made more sense.


  1. A very wise choice to head back home. Been there done that also.

  2. Long weekends aren't the only time for crazies on the roads any more, at least around here anyway. Every day you read about idiots madly exceeding the speed limits and doing absolutely insane things like passing on hills. Stupidity reigns supreme it seems.