Monday 3 August 2020

Abandoned rural Alberta church

This is north of Nojack, Alberta on July 26, 2020.

An internet source says this is Hattonford Church. When I got there I saw a sign in front that said "All Saints Anglican Church 1927". So I will go with that. The cemetery is across the road and I saw a photo on a internet site that had a sign that said Hattonford Cemetery. The sign on the cemetery was missing. The church is fairly complete inside and it looks like it has not been used in some time. It might be occupied because I am sure I heard something growl at me when I was inside. I never did see what it was.

Window above the altar.


  1. Something "growled" at you when you were in an abandoned church? That is different...

  2. Did you discover a haunted church or just an unhappy creature of some sort. Either way it's a great find and very well photographed.