Saturday 4 April 2020

Spring Valley Elevator, lost in a fire August 2016

Dale Redekopp was kind enough to send this. When I started traveling backroads to see sights that I normally would not see I was a bit surprised how many people make a point of taking the rural route. A lot of people have interest in elevators. We have our various reasons for taking photos of them. One reason is that something might happen to them and you try to see them and record them while you can.

This one no longer exists. It was in Spring Valley, Saskatchewan.


  1. Was there a few weeks prior photographing in the area. Lighting strike took it down

  2. I didn't know it had been hit by lightning. The last I heard the cause of the fire was unknown.

  3. Aw, so sad that it's been lost to fire. There aren't all that many left.