Tuesday 21 April 2020

Signs of life

Beautiful warm sunny weather here today. I think it got to 18C or so I heard.

With recent events it has got a bit depressing. In my corner of Alberta traffic where I work had decreased to a trickle. In the last few days the highways here are seeing quite a bit of traffic. People are taking advantage of the great weather and low gas prices and are getting out in the sun. I have seen motorhomes on the road and holiday trailers. There are quite a few motorcycles on the streets. I attached a charger to my motorcycle battery on Sunday and rode my motorcycle to work yesterday.

I even saw a hint of green grass starting to appear. Life is returning.

I love seeing people out and about these last few days. It means it is not all doom and gloom and I can see the coming end of people isolating. You cannot keep people at home in spring in great weather, no one wants to be cooped up, especially now. With the low COVID numbers here in Alberta the government should soon start lifting restrictions or with people increasingly leaving their homes to enjoy the sun the restrictions will collapse on their own.

In the meantime I am feeling better about things and I am going to enjoy the sun.

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  1. The sun and warmth does wonders for the soul - cooped up or not. We've had snow off and on here and it's still cold. At least it's been just flurries and nothing that settled on the ground for long.