Saturday 25 April 2020

Foley Timber School

Long abandoned one room school or schools not far from Carrot Creek, Alberta.

There is a school marker in front of this building. It looks like a typical old school.

This is on the same property and is about fifty feet south on the same property and this one has no school marker. This definitely is a former one room school. I tried to get some close views of different sides of both of these. I also wanted to take a quick look inside. Walking on snow and sinking up to your knees gets old quick so this was as much as I managed this time. This will be a return trip in the summer. I did not find any information on either in my usual sources.


  1. That school is on my list to visit. I didn't know there were two schools at that location.

  2. They look very forelorn.

    On another note, I heard that Calgary canceled the Stampede this year. That was a big money maker for a lot of people in town.

  3. Interesting that there would be two of them....possibly one got moved there. But then the question arises of why that would be.

  4. You should learn how to snowshoe. Then you wouldn't have to worry about sinking up to your knees.

    1. I wish I'd had snowshoes for my trips to central Saskatchewan and Alberta this past winter. Tramping through snow drifts is a lot of work.