Tuesday 14 April 2020

Jasper National Park

I took Easter Monday off and went for a drive to Jasper, Alberta and back. From where I live it is about four hours one way. Gas is inexpensive so I am going to enjoy it while I can. I even fed the car with premium. With most people isolating themselves there was not a lot of traffic in the national park. I did see a few rented motorhomes so there are a few tourist starting to appear. Good for them.

The nice part was that I got to see some wildlife without a lot of people crowding about for photos. I was one of two people getting some photos. We were the only ones. The wildlife may, or may not, be enjoying the lack of attention.


  1. The area where I would seem to be a lot like Jasper National Park. I just have a square of land that had been patented/deeded before they dedicated the Coconino National Forest. We have bighorn sheep, but they keep to the steep ravines and gorges that cross through the area.

    1. Highway 16 runs right alongside where I took these. I was just off the highway zooming in with my lens to catch them on the mountain. When I came back about ninety minutes later they were on the grass right beside the highway.

  2. We haven't put gas in our car for at least a month and a half - obviously just a few grocery store runs isn't hard on it (who knew....hah). Great photos of the sheep.