Saturday 11 April 2020

Fun with filters

I managed to get out yesterday and it felt great. It did not start off so well. When I left it was snowing, reduced visibility, and some intermittent very light rain. After three hours of driving to get to where I wanted to explore it became overcast with no snow or rain.

The weather improved on the drive back and became nice and sunny. If nothing else I got out and about.

Below is the original photo I took yesterday. I like tree shots in winter and spring. This is southwest of Claresholm, Alberta in the foothills.

For my own amusement I played with this with some editing and filters which are the next four. I like the last one.


  1. I like the second filter -- looks a little surreal!

  2. That is a great composition you chose. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Where are the leaves, BW -- it's time for LEAVES!

    Ok, full disclosure, cabin fever has me trying to rush spring.

  4. Great photo and interesting to see the effects of the various filters. Favourite is the last one for me too.