Friday 3 April 2020

Serving You Since 1983

Just east of Beasejour, Manitoba are three school buses in a row, along with this antique truck. I honestly don't know why the school buses are out in the fields, but there they are. They are quite visible from the highway and I suspect the landowner has a good sense of humour.

They've been there for some time. I saw them several years ago and photographed them again recently.

- Steve Boyko


  1. The landowner must be providing some visual interest for travelers.

  2. That truck is incredible!!! I wonder if the bus collection was/is used for some form of storage.

  3. I've spent some time on web sites 'n Youtube channels dedicated to salvaging old iron (cuz I've got that kind of time). Compared to some of the archeological excavations those guys do, the stuff pictured on this blog is in drive-home condition. I'm constantly amazed at all the still-has-air-in-the-tires old iron, just sitting in a field...