Wednesday 22 January 2020

The weather forecast has been lying to me

Last night the forecast was a chance of flurries. This morning I woke up to a minor snowpocalypse. It looked like there was at least a few inches on the ground, if not more. I think it caught the town by surprise, nothing was plowed and a few people were getting stuck in their driveways. The radio said we were under a heavy snowfall warning. It should stop early this afternoon and start melting in the next day or two.

The joys of living in Alberta. 


  1. Yeah, it caught me by surprise too. But I still drove to tai chi this morning.

  2. ...a snowpocalypse is a few inches, really?

    1. I did say MINOR snowpocalypse. I have lived with and experienced far worse. The snow is kind of wet causing people to get stuck or slide into the ditch. People are stuck in front of my building at work. Listening to the radio they make it sound much worse than what it is.

  3. Currently -1°C and sunny down here. It's supposed to be above 0°C for the next week. That's my good news for the day.

  4. I don't know about you, but I've had enough snow. Mind you, we can't complain after seeing the footage of poor Newfoundland.