Wednesday 8 January 2020

The spam-bots are at it again

Minor nuisance. I have had to spend a bit of time lately marking some comments as spam.

I really wonder why a blog like mine gets targeted.

Does anyone ever fall for this?


  1. I had a swarm of them a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Stats show our site getting 100-200 spam-bot messages per day. But few get past the security plugin (maybe two per week). We still get "human" spam but it's a small problem. There's huge "Link Love" value in a site like yours BW.

  3. They seem to come in bunches on my blog and I've resorted to having to approve all comments. It's annoying but I guess better than the alternative.

  4. Seems like every site I visit is full of how to make money from home crap.