Monday 9 September 2019

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Kitwanga, British Columbia

August 31, 2019.

The church is on a reserve and dates from 1890. It is abandoned.

The church has a bell tower. I have never seen another Anglican Church with one.

Across the road is a row of totem poles.

I had to try the church in black and white. It changes the look and the mood.


  1. Great post! That bell tower is both unusual and attractive. I'd love to live across the road from a row of totem poles.

  2. Have never seen a bell tower like this one. Definitely on my list to visit. Thanks.

  3. St.Paul's Anglican Church in the Gitksan village of Gitwangak/Kitwanga was built by the local people. The bell tower was more recent. The interior has a lot of detail woodwork especially the pulpit. Destroyed by arsonists, July 1, 2021.