Monday 2 September 2019

Have Ford will travel

From Edmonton, Alberta to Terrace, British Columbia it is about fourteen and one half hours driving time. I work in a place just outside of Edmonton. After I left work at five on Friday (I had a packed bag in the truck) I decided to head west. I have had few opportunities to get out and this weekend was free so I seized my chance. I drove  all through the night and made it to Terrace at about nine the next morning. I would have made it a little earlier but this is a road trip and a road trip means some stops along the way. It helps if you are suffering from recent bouts of insomnia. I was back home by nine Sunday night and I am a little tired. I have Labour Day to recover.

No complaints from the Ford Ranger. I doubt it has been out for a good run in years. The prior owner hardly drove it. It might be my imagination but the gas mileage seems to be better after it’s long hard run. I was keeping an informal track. I lost the notes and forgot whatever the figures were. Gas prices in British Columbia are atrocious. I paid 0.899/litre where I live. I paid as much as $1.299/litre at various points along the way.

With it being a long weekend I expected a lot more traffic. Quite a few times driving through the night I drove long stretches without seeing anyone. Maybe everyone was already where they were supposed to be. There are lots of spots with no cell phone coverage and no radio stations. I enjoyed the silence and lack of distractions. 

I would have stretched out the road trip except I ran into rain. It was not supposed to rain. With the rain I decided to pack it in and head home. Summer this year has been a disappointment. Driving and getting out on the road allows me to relax. I am home, tired, and my stress levels are much lower. I crammed too much into too little time however I did get to see some places I have not seen in years. That made it worth it.

Now to figure out if I have anything worth posting from the trip.


  1. I thought I was crazy! :)

    I hope you did get some good photos.

  2. Sounds like you had a weekend you needed!
    Our Toyota gets better mileage out on the road when I'm driving.

  3. Well ya gotta post something, BW! I was headed out that way too but decided to go to Chilliwack this year instead. How'd the trip be for the motorcyclist, do you think?