Sunday 22 September 2019

Sometimes you run, sometimes you stall

Last Thursday night I drove to my friends acreage, which is about forty minutes from me, to swap the Ford Ranger to my Kia Rondo.

I used on of my holidays to take the following Friday off. I would have had less to do if I went to work.

I was up early Friday to have my Kia to the shop at 8:00am sharp to get the brakes done.  Well, brakes and calipers, apparently the front calipers seized so I might as well fix them all. The brakes started making ominous metal on metal noises just  two days before I bought the Ford Ranger. I like the idea of having two vehicles, one as a backup. Luckily Glen Bowe (glenbowe.home.blogwho lives not that far from me met up with me for coffee. Glen is great company and helped me pass the time while the car was being worked on. It was great to meet up with him again. 

The Kia was done by about 11:30am. More than I wanted to pay, on the plus side I have brakes. I had work done on the Kia because I am going to use it for my winter vehicle and park the truck for the winter. This sounds backwards - the truck would make more sense for winter - however I have eight winter tires on rims for the Kia and do not yet have any winter tires for the Ranger. It is a bit of a long story how I ended up with eight winter tires on rims for the Kia but since I have them I might as well use them. I decided to drive out to my friends place to swap back to the Ford Ranger.

On the way my mother phoned and said she had to talk to me. I asked if was good news or bad news. She said she did not know and would tell me when I visited on Sunday. I intensely dislike being left hanging so I changed course and drove out to Drayton Valley which is about an hour from where I live. When I got to mom's place I found out that the hospital in Edmonton where she was taken when she had her stroke wanted her to come in for a follow up appointment on October 2, 2019.

After visiting mom I drove to swap vehicles, about forty minutes, then drove the Ranger home, about another forty minutes.

Saturday Jenn, ( met up with me at about 9:00am to explore Minburn County in Alberta. We tracked down some schools, looked up some old churches, and found some interesting sights. A day well spent and it was about 6:00pm by the time I got in my door after a lot of driving. Minburn, Alberta is about ninety minutes from me.

I woke up this morning and metaphorically dragged myself out of bed, threw back two cups of tea in quick succession, only because I am out of coffee, and tried to wake up in the shower. I left a bit later than I intended, my plan was to do breakfast with mom. Almost too tired to function this morning. An hour of driving out to Drayton Valley, then stopped to pick up coffee and breakfast sandwiches (with extra bacon of course) then to mom's place. Did some light shopping for mom, got back to her place, then had an unintentional short nap, as in I fell asleep on her couch while visiting. Another hour back home. I am bagged.

At least I am on holidays next week.

Correction: I had to change my holiday time to take mom to her medical appointment. So much for those plans. I am not complaining, life happens. I will try to set up some legitimate time off when I can. I have been a little busy.