Saturday 28 September 2019

Guest post from Dale and Lynn Redekopp

Leaving Grouard, we travel on Highway 2 through High Prairie and stop in McLennan. In McLennan we have a look at St. Paul’s Anglican church which still holds services twice a month. Next is St. John the Baptist Cathedral Catholic Church which was built in 1947. The headquarters of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Grouard-Mclennan was located in McLennan until June 2014 when it was moved to Grande Prairie. Unfortunately both churches were locked. There are two other churches in town.

Back on the road, we stop in at Nampa to have a look at the elevator which has been converted into a fertilizer plant. There is a museum in Nampa which looked very interesting but we don’t have time this trip.

Arriving in Peace River, first stop is the gravesite of 12 Foot Davis. This site gives a fantastic view of Peace River and the river valley. 12 Foot Davis is a legend in the Peace River area. A wooden statue of him stands in Riverfront Park, located along the bank of the Peace River downtown. For the complete story see:

The base of the statue reads:

"Pathfinder, Pioneer, Miner, and Trader. 
He was every man's friend and never locked his door." 

- Dale Redekopp
- Lynn Redekopp


  1. Love that Anglican church!

    That elevator was very likely always a fertilizer elevator. It looks like a standard plan Elephant elevator. More here:

  2. According to this was an ex=Alberta Wheat Pool. Couldn't find any other info.