Friday 6 September 2019

Catching the train in McBride, British Columbia

I saw this from Highway 16 barely west of McBride. I am not really a railfan but I know a few people that are. With that in mind I just had to stop and check it out. 

It was parked on the tracks and a couple of engineers were getting off and walking over to an SUV that was there to pick them up. I mentioned to one that I wanted to get a few photos. The reply I got was that it was not going anywhere. Even better, it is easier to get photos of a train that is not moving. I was told it is brand new as of this year.

A few minutes after I took these it started pouring rain.


  1. Yes, brand shiny new! It's an odd place to leave a locomotive. Maybe it's added to east or westbound trains to help them get over a grade.

  2. I've been right there in McBride where the crews change. Had perhaps the best restaurant breakfast in my life in a little cafe located in the old train station. The two owners were fun to chat with and full of local lore.