Thursday 26 September 2019

Maple Lodge School 1925 - 1952

Jenn and I were out hunting old schools last weekend. We were at Lake Alice School when a local stopped and asked what we were doing. Unfortunately there is a lot of theft and vandalism in rural areas. We explained that finding old schools is a hobby and showed a few photos of our previous finds from earlier in the day. Once he was satisfied that we were not up to anything he told us about another school that we did not know about: Maple Lodge School. He gave us directions and we made that our next stop.

Someone went to the trouble of restoring Maple Lodge School. It is fenced off with a locked gate so we could not get a closer look. Trees and brush prevented us from getting photos from other angles. It is nice to see some of these places being preserved.

Be nice. You might get rewarded.

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  1. It's great to come across the unexpected. Makes a good day all that much better.

    I always wave to everyone I meet in the country. And if their vehicle slows down, stop and talk for a few minutes. It puts everyone's mind at ease.