Friday, 12 July 2019

No road trip

Sister is up this weekend to visit mom. My sister is unfamiliar with Edmonton so we drive in together to see mom. As for mom, she is doing well and looking at a possible discharge date near the end of July or early August. 

It has been too rainy to enjoy the countryside these days. A few sunny days would be nice.


  1. I hope your Mom is making good progress in rehab!

  2. Glad to hear your Mom will be able to go home soon.

  3. Seems like rain is the order of the day pretty much everywhere. We're finally getting some sun and warmth which is most welcome after such a long cold and wet spring. Glad your Mom is soon going to be ready to go home!

  4. Good to hear your Mom is nearer to going home!

    We have had rain and drizzle, but the last few days have been warm and sunny, Yay!