Saturday, 6 July 2019

I Think Dad was from France

It was early summer in the Cypress Hills when I came across this herd of cattle along Graburn Road. 

From the light colour, I think the calf's dad was Charolais.

A full grown Charolais bull can easily reach 2,400 pounds and more . . . that's a lot of bull.

- Michael Truman


  1. LOL, one year we got a load of polled Hereford "range ready" bulls to turn out with the cows. come to find out they had never been out on any range in the back of beyond. They had no idea how to handle the back country or have the stamina to travel in the hills. After a short while we gather them up and shipped them out.

    1. Talk about performance anxiety!

      We got a Charolais bull when I was about ten years old or so. He was gentle enough for me to pet his nose...and I'm still alive to tell the story!