Wednesday, 24 July 2019

An International Event

On my trip to Eastend, Saskatchewan a few weeks ago I came across these abandoned International Harvester trucks and tractor.

I stopped at a farm about a mile down the road to see if it was all right to walk in to take some photos. Lucky for me the farmer owned the land and said to "go for it!"

It was a half-mile trek up to the site but I think it was worth it. There had been lots of rain so the crops and prairie were green and lush, the sky was brilliant blue.

Most of the other abandoned machinery was made by Cockshutt Farm Equipment.

An old I.H. stepside.


Seems like most of the old farm trucks I come across were either green or red and white.

One last shot and back to the car.

It was a beautiful day in southwestern Saskatchewan.

- Michael Truman


  1. I remember when International Harvester was a big name in farm equipment, but Cockshutt was before my time.

  2. at least they have a great view...

  3. Internationals were good old trucks; I once had one, but they were bad about rusting out, due to the way the seams and body panels were made.

  4. They sure look nice in that green field!