Sunday 22 July 2018

Pandora\Hutton Cemetery

A old abandoned cemetery south of Hanna, Alberta. The name of the cemetery is no longer on the sign. It has not been in use for at least eighty years. Someone made an attempt to mow part of it. Major work would be needed to clean it up.

You can see the remnants of the name on the ground. "Hutton" on one piece, "Pandora" on the other.

The cemetery is overgrown with Caragana.

Hard to see who is buried here. The two graves in the background had four pillars linked with a chain. The chain is no longer there.

Simple metal signs with welding for letters and dates.

A rock for a headstone. J.H. Rice 1856 - 1917.

Probably the nicest marker here.

Another rock for a headstone. E.M. Townsley 1847 - 1914.


  1. I was in a grave yard in Massachusetts looking for headstones of my wife's ancestors last week. The place was well kept but some of the stones were next to impossible to read.
    The Townsley marker lettering looks large enough to last another 100 years.
    The T

  2. Considering the story, I'm trying to imagine why anyone would name a place Pandora, unless all hell broke loose there at one time. - lol

    1. "Pandora" means "all the gifts" or "all gifted."

      In Greek mythology this didn't turn out to be such a good thing since Pandora's Box held all the gifts of the evils of mankind.

      I would imagine that in naming a cemetery after Pandora the people were thinking of all the gifts of goodness and kindness bestowed upon them by their Lord.

  3. Wow, a sad but great find. I wish all cemeteries where kept up, at least a new sign.

  4. My great grand father is buried there, also my infant twin uncle. 1932, 1928 respectively. Last name Ryan

  5. have been to this cemetery a couple times now regarding history search, some unknown marked graves, have plot number but nothing else to go by. Would be nice for someone to go thru records and apply at least a name to those that are not forgotten

    1. It would be nice to see it fixed up. It is overgrown and hard to find some of the plots.