Tuesday 24 July 2018

A different kind of Canola photo

Spotted this on July 16, 2018. Off in a Canola field was a fenced area and a sign. Zoomed in and saw that it is an abandoned cemetery. I will have to take a closer look in the fall when the crop has been harvested. A nice little place for a cemetery. 

The benefit of a telephoto lens. The sign says it is Parr Zion United Church & Cemetery 1931 - 1947. Located south of Hanna, Alberta.


  1. Definitely like my zoom in lots of occasions.

  2. A neat find. It wasn't active for very long, glad there is a marker.

  3. My Rare One and I went down to Rosebud this weekend to see a couple of plays, so we saw LOTS of beautiful canola fields on the way there and back!