Thursday 19 July 2018

Curious antelope

Usually you can never get one to stay long enough to get a photo. I got lucky a second time this year. Out and about in rural Alberta near Hanna last Sunday and managed to find one that was just as interested in me as I was in him. I managed to get a few photos. This is the best one.


  1. Sometimes, if you startle one, and they run away. If you stop and wait, they will come back to see what's going on. That's how I got my first and only antelope. It took me 11 years to get a tag (lottery), and I got him at 9AM opening day. I'd been traversing a set of mountain ridge lines, and got to the one my Dad was trekking on, on the the low end, and started down the one we would have eventually planned met at. But for the one that was sleeping under a sagebrush bush right in my path. He jumped up, and ran down the ridge where my dad was at, and I thought, oh cool, Dad's gonna get a shot at him. But he stopped. Looked at me and ran right back to about 50 yards and I couldn't help but put him down right there. Dad got his, the next morning.

    1. These days I hunt with a camera. I have nothing against hunting and I will have to try your suggestion. The ones I am running across these days seem to be less skittish. You see them in southeastern Alberta, you see a lot more in southern Saskatchewan. It is quite the sight to see them running across the prairie.