Friday 4 May 2018

Vernon School

This one is weirdly remote. It is north of Sibbald, Alberta. If you keep going north on the range road where it meets a township road it immediately turns into a trail going north. You cannot see this old school until you go over a couple of rolling hills. You are not taking a car over this road, you definitely need a truck with a bit of clearance. Unless you knew exactly where this is you would never find it.

It was a perfect day to do some exploring. The temperature on April 28, 2018 spiked to 28C, practically no bugs, and the roads were dry. To me it was worth the three hour plus drive to get here.

I am a bit surprised it has a historical marker since very few people would ever see it. According to what history I could find the school closed several times during its existence due to lack of students, lack of a teacher, or both. I think it was used as a granary at one time.


  1. Really great!! I wish I had found this one lol!

  2. Nice find, BW. I must try to make it up there this season.