Tuesday 8 May 2018

Live Bait and Hadashville, Manitoba

St. John the Baptist church in Hadashville
I dropped into the village of Hadashville, Manitoba at the end of March 2018. I was there to see the Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway's depot in the town, but while I was there, I took a few photos of the rest of the town. There's not much to the town other than some houses and a church, but it still has a lovely small town feel to it.

The charming little church is a Roman Catholic church, named for St. John the Baptist, and built in 1917. It looks well maintained and is probably still in use by the town and the surrounding area.

I spotted this barn too. I'm not sure what material it is made from, but it is different than the usual wooden barns you see throughout the Prairies.

Barn in Hadashville
At a nearby gas station, I spotted this vending machine. I did not know you could get live bait from a vending machine. That shows you how often I go fishing.

Live bait
Steve Boyko


  1. The barn is corrugated metal sheets, making do with what you have I guess.

    I saw a bait machine in Tillamook Oregon, that was different enough that I took a picture of it too!

  2. So long as no one confuses the live bait machine for the snacks one . . . .

  3. Rode the GWWD motorcar from Winnipeg to the end of the line with a bunch of school chums in the 1970s. Recall they stopped in Hadashville so everyone could get out and stretch their legs. This is the first time I've thought of the place since. Cool!