Sunday 6 May 2018

Abandoned Saskatchewan

South of Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan on April 28, 2018. I got this location from someone and I just had to see it. This had to be a grand house at one time.

Quick peek inside.

Coal shute.

Someone put a lot of detail in this house. I am curious to see what it looked like when it was new.


  1. That is a great example of a classic home.

  2. I like the front porches, makes the place look comfortable. A front porch is a good thing.

  3. With the roof gone, it won't last too many more years. Then again, things may last longer up there in the cold.

  4. Ahhh...The Veranda House. I read on another site that it was built by a hangin' judge who retired here to free himself from his ghosts. You can bet that it's haunted too!

  5. What a marvelous ol house.