Monday 28 May 2018

Bits and pieces

I am a bit stiff today. I ended up walking about five miles on Saturday hanging out with a friend visiting a few places that are new to me. Then on Sunday I rode my motorcycle from Airdrie to Lake Louise, more specifically Morraine Lake, which is at least a 400km round trip. If you are going to ride a motorcycle on a weekend you might as well pick a good destination. The aches and pains are a reminder that I am getting older. They are also a reminder that I got out and did something with my weekend.

There is a simple reason why people want to win the lottery and that reason is bills. Some days it feels like it gets to be a bit much with all the expenses one has to face. I have money to pay my bills but I would like not having to think about them. Some days I am sure it costs me money just to wake up in the morning.

I recently discovered that I have to check the blog for comments. I was wondering why I was not getting email alerts that people were leaving a comment. I thought maybe no one was commenting, which does happen. It turns out people were commenting, Blogger just decided to no longer inform me. Google changed some stuff with Blogger which I find annoying. When I have time I will try to figure it out.

Busy lately. I had to do some course work for my job. We also have less staff these days and the same amount of work, which means I have had to take on more. Personally I prefer to do as little as possible at my job. Unfortunately many times I find myself doing actual work.

Divorce proceedings. Lots of time where nothing happens and I feed my lawyer money ahead of time so I have funds to cover when something actually does happen. I have a trial date for November 5th of this year so it should be resolved before the year is out. I have some conflicting thoughts about the whole thing. I have not been in contact with her since she had me served in March 2014 nor do I have any desire to contact her. I do want this resolved however I never thought I would be one of those guys who ended up being divorced. Over twenty years that ultimately came to naught. There might be a Country song somewhere in this that someone else has already written. As an aside, when you go through certain experiences you understand some of the songs on a different level than when you first heard them.

As for Country music very few people that I associate with listen to it. It makes it a little difficult to find some new stuff if no one I know listens to it. The radio is no help, they do not take a chance on anything interesting. There is a lot of great stuff that I have recently discovered by chance. I have downloaded stuff by Stonely LaRue, Cody Canada, Wade Bowen, Uncle Lucius, Jamey Johnson, and Cody Jinks. I am trying to get my hands on some Whiskey Myers. The Canadian version of Itunes does not list the album I want. I might have to get it by other means.

Enough of this. It is a hot day and there is beer in my immediate future.


  1. I was married 29 years. The 21 years since she left for her boss have been wonderful. Relax and enjoy it.

  2. The country stars you mention, I've never heard of. But then I've never heard of most of them in this country, either. Most of the ones I like are dead now.

  3. I would much rather be stiff and sore from doing too much instead of not doing anything. I can find only one country radio station here and they play only the newest artists and songs. I like the older music like Waylon Jennings or Alabama or Willie Nelson. Most of the older artists can be found on YouTube Videos or the website 'Pandora.'

  4. As I get older the recovery time from when I over do is a bit longer. One of Dad's favorite saying was, "use it or lose it"!
    Divorce is never easy, but you will get past it.
    I listen to Pandora classic country, it plays the oldies that I like.

  5. Not all my blog comments come through to my email account, either. If they're not from a blogger account -- i.e if the commenter uses hotmail or yahoo or whatever -- the comment shows up on my blog but doesn't get put through to my email. It's a pain in the ass, quite frankly, but that's Blogger for you.

    I despise "new Country" -- everything is bland pop-country crap that all sounds the same, so I don't even bother to listen to it. Haven't for 20 years. I prefer old timey country singers like Alan Jackson or alt-country singers like Corb Lund and Dwight Yoakam. They're still worth a listen, in my opinion.

    1. Today, NONE of the blog comments are coming through to my email! ARRRRGH! Goddamn you, Blogger.