Tuesday 22 May 2018

Do not run out of money

Sometimes you run across newer abandoned stuff. This has been under construction for years and looks abandoned.

I bought a business book years ago, one of the few that I thought offered solid advice. I still read it from time to time. The book is called "Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive" by Harvey MacKay and I recommend it. In one chapter he writes about attending a seminar where the lecturer started off writing on the board one of the main rules in business which was "Do not run out of money". This is applicable to everyday life as well. I see stuff like this and I think a lot of people had visions of something and ran out of money.


  1. There's an entire shopping center like that near where I live. They got the walls up and the roof on, then bam, nothing. A see through with a roof. It's been that way for over five years, a splendid ruin and monument to foolish planning. I'd hate to be the bank that made the loan on that job.

  2. Building a lavish dream house can be a real money pit if you don't have (and stick to) a strict budget.