Thursday 22 March 2018

Very abandoned

January 14, 2018 Vulcan County, Alberta.


  1. May be a silly question but what happened in Canada's history that brought about all these abandoned buildings in your province. In America when the mines quit producing, ghost towns happened. But your blog leaves the impression for us ignorant Americans that some mass exodus occurred and everyone moved on somewhere. Just curious?

    1. I look through Google Earth when I have time. Montana and North Dakota have some picturesque abandoned places. Charbonneau, North Dakota is a great example.

  2. RP - You can take the same sort of photos in many areas of our own plains in the US, it's just that few people do and we tend to excel at tearing down our history.

  3. I was thinking that agriculture changed, changed big time between WW1 & 1929 with machines replacing draft animals.
    You didn't need as many people, farms could be bigger & that reality trickled down.
    Anyway, that was my guess.