Monday 26 March 2018

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Gorgeous spot that I stopped at on March 18, 2018. The amount of snow on the ground and overcast sky made it a bit hard to capture what a nice spot this is. It was also snowing at the time. This is on a hill overlooking Pine Lake, Alberta. Services are still held here two Sundays a month.

I tried to get creative with this. I like it, the problem is there is too much in it.


  1. The red of the bell tower makes this church look very striking indeed, especially against the snowy winter landscape.

  2. This one looks smart with its red and white bell tower. Is that a bell I see up in the tower?

  3. Interesting, I like the red top on the bell tower, don't think I have ever seen one that color. So glad they still hold services there.