Wednesday 21 March 2018

Grand plans

As I have mentioned previously my company was bought out and we have new ownership. We are part of a little bit larger group. The owners are in their early thirties. So is some of their management. They have a couple of decent ideas and a lot more questionable ones. I am certain that I was a little smarter than the average bear in my younger years. At this stage of my life there is a lot to be said for age and experience.

The marketing person (we have one now) has announced a marketing campaign with a meeting to kick it off at the end of this month. The new advertising formally starts on April 1. Which is also on a long weekend. During Easter on a Sunday.

This might be amusing. 


  1. It's obvious they aren't Christians.

  2. Easter is a forgotten holiday among many millennials who have no religious background. Sad...

  3. But it's also April Fool's Day, so perhaps it's just a joke.

  4. Interesting employment can mean one of two things to me. One is good, the other is bad...