Thursday 15 March 2018

Adventures in not buying a truck

I have been perusing the vehicle sales pages on the internet for a used truck. I have been looking for something like a Canyon, Colorado, Ranger, or a Dakota. I do not want something full size as it is usually only me in a vehicle heading out somewhere. I would like to get my hands on a four wheel drive but it is not a deal breaker. I would prefer a manual transmission. Besides, if I get a full size truck I might discover friends I never had asking me to help them move.

I have seen several that I am interested in. In the private sale ads the seller can list their phone number or can be contacted through email through the website. In the last few weeks I have sent seven email requests through ads with email only contact requested. Only one has responded. I set up a time to see the truck, when the agreed time was approaching I sent a text asking for an address and I never heard back. I sincerely thought the purpose of placing an ad was to sell your stuff.

One ad I called that had a phone number was on a Ford Ranger that was described as mint condition. I managed to see this one in person. The owner was a really nice guy in his eighties and said his daughter used it last and they no longer had any use for it. His definition of mint is vastly different from mine. It looked like the truck might have been used in a couple of high speed escapes from the police and came out on the losing end. 

So far most people out there want too damn much for their vehicle. No matter, I am patient.


  1. Ford did not do a good job with the rust proofing on the Ranger. Take a good look under the truck at the frame, especially at the leaf spring hangers and the spare tire well.

  2. I had a '92 Dakota & liked it. The 4wd was good for getting out of the ditches when I found ice.
    Mine had that small backseat that was a great place for keeping your coat & other misc stuff I didn't want in the bed.
    Not getting an answer is not uncommon with craigslsit in my experience, keep at it. If I'm really interested I'll send my phone number along with the email I send after I get an answer (to the first one).

  3. Colorados since 2005 have had a locking differentail that is the difference. I love the one I have even though it is 2 wheel drive. If you can find a clean one it is a good truck. I have had ford, dodges, gmc and chevy's. Chevy is the best bang for the buck in my mind. YMMV