Friday 9 March 2018

The weekend trip

Off to visit my mother this weekend. Not something I am looking forward to. That is not meant to be mean. We have little in common and I quickly run out of things to talk about. Her views on many things are different than mine. We get along fine. I have nothing against mom. The visit itself is kind of like one of those things that I feel that I need to do, like laundry. I try to visit mom at least once a month to look after things she might need done or things she thinks she needs me to do. If she lived closer I would see her more often.

My sister has tagged along for a couple of visits. I would much rather that my sister drove her own vehicle up to visit. I prefer to drive and I prefer to drive my own vehicle. One of the cardinal rules of driving is driver picks the music. My sister does not seem to get that rule. I do not like dance, hip hop, rap, or anything else that is garbage masquerading as music. Therefore it does not get played when I drive. I also like talk radio. I like to just listen and not say much when I drive. I am not unsocial or anti-social. This is just the way I like to travel. If you want something different then you drive your own vehicle.

The photo has nothing to do with the post. I felt like posting it. Taken two days ago a few miles outside where I live.


  1. "Driver controls the music" has never been our rule - unfortunately. On the other hand my wife does pick songs that I can at least tolerate.

  2. I wonder if the second building from the left has cooties cause the third building is leaning to the right.

    Yup, in my world the driver controls all the knobs on the dash. Sitting still and riding quietly is a requirement.

  3. Reminds me of ice houses on a lake...

  4. LOL - You're too young to be an old grump, so I guess that makes you a young one. I feel the same way, but then I'm OLD!

  5. I am reminded of the saying" a lifetime of guilt is a harsh price to pay for 9 months lodging in the womb.

  6. So that's your alibi, huh?

    I know darn well what you are up to, BW, and I posted your last little weekend hijinks on my blog for everyone to see! ;)

  7. Damn straight those are the rules, driver chooses!
    As for comparing mom to laundry, I get that, and someday you will be glad you made the effort, or not.
    Love your row of houses in snow.