Wednesday 31 January 2018

This got me to thinking

Steve at his blog mainly posts about grain elevators and trains. One of his posts was outside the norm for him.

I have went back and read it several times because of what he brings up. I believe everyone at a certain age, time, and place reflects back on life. Steve asks "What will your legacy be?" and takes it a little bit further.

It is a good question. I am not sure if I have much of a legacy if any. I think one way we like to make our mark is to build or create something that will outlast us or leave an impression on others. I am in the process of getting divorced, I am single, and have no children. My wife at the time and I wanted children, it never worked out. I will have no descendents and I have yet to build something of any consequence. The number of people that know me well is kind of small.

Upon review I have nothing of real importance to pass down to someone. I am not bothered that I have no legacy larger than my immediate self that will be noted. When we look back some of us find we do not always accomplish what we thought we would or be where we thought we would end up. On the other hand I have never been on the wrong side of the law, I have tried to help people when they needed it, did my best to improve myself, and tried to have a positive impact and leave my corner of the world a better place. Sometimes that is enough.

On the the other hand the future remains unwritten and I remain optimistic that I may yet create a noteworthy legacy. 


  1. 7.5 billion people on this earth right now... I'm not worried about a legacy.
    Anyone remember who built the pyramids?

  2. The only legacy that matters is trying to help people find the Lord. I've done pretty poorly at that the last five years, and not so great before.

  3. I think leaving a legacy is just "ego". We are all here for a little while and then we are gone. The mind is afraid to die so it constructs all sorts of reasons to continue on and on. If people realized the brevity of this life, they would enjoy it more and be kinder to one another. If you passed away today , I would remember you and your pictures. I would say a solitary building standing off in the distance and your photos would pop in my mind. You have made more of an influence than you know~

  4. Very, very few people leave any kind of notable "personal legacy" behind. Our legacies are, instead, collective. What kind of society do we help to build? What have we done to lessen oppression and injustice? If we (nameless and anonymous in the sweep of time) help to contribute to advances in human culture, rights and dignity, that is our true legacy.

  5. I've got an angry lesbian daughter that hates our guts, and who will be lucky if she can take care of herself and her love partners who also has a few screws loose.

    From where I sit, you did alright and didn't miss much as far as having kids. I would trade places with you any day of the week.

  6. The only "legacy" that matters comes from
    1. getting right with God
    2. being kind to others
    3. making amends for wrongs done