Tuesday 23 January 2018

Apple is seriously irritating me

I own an iPhone, iPad, and an iPod. I used to love Apple but I will be breaking up with them. It is definitely them, not me. In the past I did not mind overpaying for Apple products because they worked with no problems. Set up was easy and they worked as promised. 

The second iPhone 6 that I own seems to be slow and suffers minor random glitches and freezes. The first iPhone 6 that I owned would seize so badly it got returned to Apple which they replaced free of charge. The constant updates that Apple keeps trying to force on me are not making me happy either. In prior updates I have got apps that I did not want.

I have a Blogger App on my iPhone and iPad. You cannot get the app anymore on the Apple App Store as Google pulled it a couple of years ago. Past updates on my iPhone have rendered the Blogger App unusable as it is now incompatible with the updated iPhone operating system. That happened months ago. On my iPad I ceased doing updates ages ago so I could still use the Blogger App. I like transferring photos from my camera to my iPad when I am out and about and then uploading them via the Blogger App to save the post in a draft form. I edit and post drafts later. Now it seems that I can no longer do that on my iPad.

iTunes used to be nice and simple to use. Someone at Apple needs a smack upside the head. They turned a nice simple product into something that is a pain to use. I have a little too much invested in my music library to switch everything to something else.

The iPad needs to be replaced. I dropped it and shattered the screen about seven or eight months ago. It managed to get resurrected and had a few repairs since then. The replacement screen had to have epoxy to hold in and the repair is now not holding up. I will be buying a Windows tablet. The next phone will not be an Apple product. I only use it for calls (no one calls me), texting (more people text me than call me), email, accessing Google Maps, and playing Scrabble. I currently have a Scrabble game with a fellow blogger who seems to have a serious Scrabble addiction. I am likely not helping by enabling it. I digress, there are less expensive and better phone options out there so I do not feel the need to spend what Apple wants to charge. 


  1. I think that you are correct about Apple. BUT I am not certain Windows is much if any better.

    1. nah it's better the amount of freedom you can get on windows laptops even older 2000's versions would shock apple users to their core.

  2. I watched my kids fight with the iPod way back, I bought an mp3 player & now I use my android phone. My wife is an Apple fan & I watch her fight with it.

    Can you move your music from your phone/iPad to your computer as not to lose it?

    I keep all my music on CDs these days & the CDs are put away. If I download it I burn a CD so I won't lose it (or the licence, I don't trust MS). All the music is also on my computer and on my phone.

    I can always pull out the CDs & start all over again...

    I have a W10 computer because I have several programs that run on windows.

    Good luck!

  3. I have a flip phone, a camera and an old computer. My life is still relatively simple.