Monday 29 January 2018

Plainfield School 1907 - 1939

I think it is Plainfield School. It is not in its original location. I know that because there is a school marker at the original location and a book on old schools in Alberta says it was moved after it was no longer a school. This is in rural Vulcan County on January 14, 2018. Plainfield School was moved to a farm not far from where it once stood and it seems to fit the bill. In the background you can make out a giant windmill on either side off in the distance. It was snowing steadily with some fog.

It is on private land. I would really like to get access and get a closer look. I suspect it was once used as a residence however there are no buildings around it. This is kind of rare, you do not see many old buildings like this anymore.


  1. An abandoned wooden building sitting in a snow covered field, it looks desolate.
    Moving the building took a fair bit of effort, I wonder if what they used it for (at the new location) made it worth the effort?
    We'll probably never know....

    1. I heard it might have been used as a residence. I have no way of confirming that at the moment.

  2. Yes, it's odd being out in the middle of nowhere like that. Not even a bush nearby.

  3. Having grown up around a sawmill, and having done a little construction, I always lament the amount of material and LABOR that went into making structures that are now abandoned and deteriorating.