Monday 23 January 2017

St. Michael Archangel Roman Catholic Church

Established in 1905 in St. Michael, Alberta. I to saw this December 31, 2016. There are lots of great spots in this area of Alberta for sights like these.

The angle looks off on this probably because I was taking pictures in drifted snow and freezing at the same time. Beautiful church. I will have to go back in summer.

Cemetery in the back. A bit too cold and a bit too much snow for a closer look.


  1. Now who wouldn't want to go to mass in a cute church like that one?

  2. What a beautiful church. That cross outside is impressive.

  3. You need some hoarfrost down there BW - for the photographic effect.

    As for me I am getting tired of it...

  4. Impressive looking Church!