Wednesday 4 January 2017

Holy Ascension Orthodox Church Wasel

I spent January 1, 2017 travelling the rural areas and taking photos. I thought it was a great way to start the year. I was going to pass this by as it looked ordinary. I had second thoughts and got out to take a closer look. I am glad I did. It was well worth trudging through snow drifts and freezing temperatures to visit this place. It is a simple Orthodox church in a very rural area south of Vilna, Alberta. 

It looks abandoned. I think it is just not in use. There are blinds in the windows and the area looks like it is well cared for. It is on a bit of a hill and you can see it from miles away. The small building is the bell building. Churches of this type had the bell separate from the church. I have yet to find out why the bell was in a separate building.

I had to stop taking photos at this point. My fingers were getting quite numb from the cold.


  1. These Orthodox Churches are favourite of mine. Can't pass one by without stopping. Meaning, if I'm in the Edmonton area, I've there for a while. Looks like you got the bug too.

  2. Glad you stopped....very cool place!!

  3. A spectacular find - set in some mighty fine photography BW! I love how the setting sun and blue sky gives way to the night.

  4. Beautiful pictures... very serene...and from what I can tell very cold. Don't know how you do it... I'm such a wimp anymore where cold is concerned.