Thursday 19 January 2017

Chinook time

I live just a bit north of Calgary, Alberta. The Chinook hit. A Chinook is just a warm wind. About week ago it was bitterly cold and temperatures were in the minus twenties in Celsius. This week we have hit plus ten. The snow is rapidly disappearing and I have seen green grass. In the past I have experienced a few winter days where there was no snow and it was warm enough you would think it was summer. The countryside is soggy. This time of the year makes it difficult to get out except for on the weekends. Before and after work there is not quite enough light for some quick runs out to the country. 

The days are getting longer. We will get at least a few more snowstorms before winter dies. The season is in transition. If these warm temperatures keep up I might be tempted to get the motorcycle on the road.

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