Wednesday 25 January 2017


The weather in Alberta can be odd. I was leaving Drayton Valley, Alberta after visiting my mother on January 22, 2017. I thought the fog would break and the sun would come out. I was wrong. I drove over one hundred eighty miles back and it was quite foggy all the way. 

Temperatures were a little below the freezing point. Weather like this can do interesting stuff to road surfaces. I stopped to get a coffee before hitting the highway as for me coffee is one of those essential items on a drive. I waited for traffic to clear, turned, and went into a slow five miles per hour lateral drift for five feet before I gained traction. You can have new tires, all wheel or four wheel drive, and sometimes it makes no difference. I drove a little slower than usual on the highway back. The highway was much better.

On the way back I took a slight detour to see if there was a church that I suspected was in the area. If it existed, it was no longer there. I was going to do a bit more exploring however slick icy patches on the gravel roads made me question my decision. I stuck to the well travelled highway all the way. The frost and fog did make everything picturesque though.

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  1. Pretty to look at...not pretty to drive in... be safe.