Monday 9 January 2017

Shandro - St. Mary's Russo Greek Orthodox Church

I ran across this on January 1, 2017. Parts of Alberta are littered with churches of this type. In some places it seems like you can run across one every few miles. This one is at Shandro, Alberta. There is not much at Shandro these days. This church was recently designated an historic site. I really have to get back and see this in the summer. 

Of course I had to get out of a warm truck and trudge across a field of drifted snow in temperatures well below minus twenty celsuis in order to capture this. It was worth freezing to get a good look at this. 


  1. That is definitely worth trudging across a wintry prairie for!

  2. I need to go north, I have yet to see any of these churches!

  3. I admire your tenacity to get this shots... temps that low would keep me in the truck! This is another one of the churchs that is so striking...thanks for the picture!