Tuesday 24 January 2017

Sometimes other stuff sidelines you

Last Friday night I developed a headache. One of those where your eyes, neck, head, and teeth hurt. Saturday morning I drove three hours to visit my mother. I got no sleep that night due to the pain. I would have rummaged around to find some medication however being the nice guy that I am I did not want to disturb anyone's sleep. Sunday morning I got fed up and rooted through my travel bag for some medication. I rarely take medication. I have nothing against it, I just do not like taking something unless it is absolutely necessary. I never got into the habit of taking something at the first sign of pain.

Sunday was worse. Much worse. After taking pills every four hours there was a slight edge taken off the pain. I managed to be in a good enough condition to drive the three hours back. On the bright side I was able to get a full night of sleep on Sunday night. 

Monday I woke up to horrible lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. I wish I knew what I did to find myself in this condition. The most rigourous thing I did all weekend was badly lose four games of eight ball on Saturday afternoon. This is what happens when you do not play in months. I need practice. Hurting all over does not help either. 

Monday I managed to get an appointment with a massage therapist. This one was good. I am still in pain but things feel different. More rest.

Today? Somewhat less pain. Hopefully this ends before the weekend. It is putting a crimp in my ability to get out and do things and is affecting my posts.


  1. Don't worry about your posts. Just concentrate on getting better. We will wait for you.

  2. I wondered what was up... sorry to hear your not feeling well. Take care of you ... the blog will still be here when you're feeling better.

  3. Maybe it's time for a good check-up? Take care of yourself first - we'll be here when when you are ready - bloggers are a patient lot....