Sunday 29 January 2017

A walk among the tombstones

Robsart, Saskatchewan November 11, 2016. I posted about Robsart before. It basically a ghost town in the southwestern corner of Saskatchewan. On a separate trip I noticed the cemetery that I somehow missed on a prior visit.

The arch seems to be a reserved area for those who served.

This was a bit unique. The marker at the top said "Army".

Very few people live in the area now. There are quite a few people interred here. The local population must have been higher at one time. A stop at a cemetery can tell you about a place, answer a question or two, or have you questioning something else. There are a few ghost towns or near ghost towns in the area andt his is a lonely part of Saskatchewan. If there was a church in the area I missed it on this trip.


  1. Fascinating looking place. Bleak, though.

  2. Sad, there's far too many of those lamb gravestones in old cemeteries. So many young ones back then perished way too soon.

  3. I love the bleakness of these images, they have a definite beauty.

    1. You are right. There is a certain beauty in stark settings.