Wednesday 23 November 2016

Observation School

Finding historical markers along main highways is too easy. I like seeing them in the middle of nowhere where you do not expect to see them. This marks where a one room schoolhouse once stood along Highway 635 in Saskatchewan. This is November 12, 2016. No snow is anywhere in sight. Give it a day or two and the whole landscape could be covered in snow.

There is nothing nearby.

What I find interesting about this one is this is the first one I have run across where there are two different school markers for the same place. Someone wanted to make sure it was remembered.


  1. It is odd there would be a school in the middle of nowhere. I wonder where the students came from. Perhaps any surrounding farms have also disappeared.

  2. How right you are.

    I remember years ago seeing a marker in the middle of some farmers field south west of Calgary years and years ago. I past by it on work trips and one day I hit the binders, stopped, and went out to see what it was.

    Apparently some Canadian fighter pilots crashed their back in the 50's and the stone was their marker. Putting a marker up for people even though it won't be seen by hardly anyone is a very generous gesture...