Sunday 5 July 2015

Retlaw, Alberta June 13, 2015 Part Four

Their is a war memorial at Retlaw commemorating those who served in World War One and World War Two. The names are inscribed on the front, the poem "In Flanders Field" is inscribed on the back. The monument has "Retlaw Historical Society 2010" on the base. 

"In Flanders Field" is on the back. Someone had polished this, one of my photos showed me reflected in the surface. Hence the offset picture.

There are three boards beside each other. They have histories of the veterans of the town. It is a great personal touch and it looks like this all this work might be lost to time once again. 

One of the many postings on the board.

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  1. Nice to know that some people care enough about their history to place them on a storyboard. Wonder how many people have just sped by and not stopped to read them. Glad you stopped!