Thursday 23 July 2015

Galena Bay Ferry July 3, 2015

This is an interesting approach. Driving to the terminal the signs warn you that it is a 10% grade. There are no amenities once you get there. You sit and wait. There isn't even a bench to sit on. Since I was on a motorcycle I sat on the side of the road on a very hot day waiting for the ferry to arrive. The ferry crosses from Galena Bay to Shelter Bay across the Upper Arrow Lake in BC. The ride is free.

While waiting I killed some time with the camera.

Not much of a dock when you think about it.

It is odd how fast these things appear.

On the ferry.

Back of the ferry. We were less than half full.

My bike is the one in front.

We passed this ferry which is docked at Shelter Bay. I would guess that it is not needed at the moment. 

Approaching Shelter Bay. The highway leads to Revelstoke, BC.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous - Wouldn't know where to look first!

  2. Truly amazing, you have an eye for photography, as well as great subject matter. Nice bike too! Are the ferries loud, or are they quiet and peaceful or slow moving?