Monday 6 July 2015

Green Bank School

Strictly out of curiosity I took Highway 520 from Claresholm, Alberta west towards Highway 22 on June 20, 2015. I was curious to see if it was paved all the way to Highway 22. You cannot always trust maps to be accurate and I really did not want to miss out on what might be a nice scenic run. It turns out the pavement runs out and is a gravel highway the rest of the way. I was not that interested in pursuing it further. Right where the pavement runs out at the side of the road is a one room schoolhouse. Green Bank School built in 1910 and operated until 1945.

It was hard to get any photos of this. The school is inside a small fenced enclosure. There are two horses and two donkeys who were all very curious. Anytime I walked along the fenceline to get a look at the school they raced up to the fence to block my line of sight. The horses turned out to be very friendly. I ended up taking turns scratching both horses behind the ears. The other two critters stayed just beyond arms length. 

Very friendly horse. Followed me along the fence line.

This one was determined to get in a photo. Sometimes you have to let the other side win.

Everything is boarded up. I am surprised the building lasted this long. The foundation looks like an afterthought. This is one of those schools that is in the middle of nowhere. 


  1. They must have been there for quite a while. The grass on the other side of the barbed wire is high. Maybe they were hoping you would let them out!

  2. The school was moved from it's original site 1/2 mile west in 1925. After it closed in 1945 it was used as a community hall.