Wednesday 29 July 2015

Ainsworth, BC July 2, 2015

Originally Hot Springs Camp, renamed Ainsworth by George Ainsworth, a steamboat captain who received a land grant and started a town in 1883. Now the population is less than 50. There is a small resort at the hot springs.

The highway leading through Ainsworth. To the right is Kootenay Lake. To the right just up the little side road is the resort. The highway hugs the lake alongside the mountain most of the way north to Kaslo.

A few traces remain of the older days of mining and steamboats. This was a general mercantile business at one time.

The view from the resort. The service was excellent as was the food in the dining room. Kootenay Lake in the background.

It is a small resort.

This is the hot pool where you can walk into the caves right into the side of the mountain where the hot water emanates. It is like being in a natural sauna.

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