Tuesday 7 July 2015

Hosmer, BC July 1, 2015

There used to be coal mining in Hosmer. It was once a town of about 1,300 people. There are ruins from the coal mining days at the base of the mountain that cannot be seen from the highway. The pin on the map shows where you can see the remains of coke ovens last used in 1914. 

A piece of the ovens in the brush.

One of the bricks used to build them.

There were 240 of these ovens at one time. You can barely see them through the growth. 

That hill to the left of the road is a line of coke ovens.

A better look. The trees and grass have not yet taken over these ones.

The coal was shoveled in through openings in the top. It is very overgrown. I was looking for a decent spot to get a top view. I was not able to find one. 

Another one of the ovens.

Side view. This is a gap between the row of ovens.

Garter snakes like to hang out in these ruins. I did not see any this time.

View from the road.


  1. Nice photos - made me want to look up more information on that town. Glad I did - it has an interesting history!

  2. Great photo's use to live in Hosmer been to where you took photo's many times. Sure makes a guy miss home