Thursday 16 July 2015

Kaslo to New Denver, BC July 3, 2015

If you are ever in this part of British Columbia and you like driving through the mountains then take this highway. Years ago there were towns like Retallack, Cody, Sandon, Zincton, and others along this route that sprang up during the silver rush over one hundred years ago. A lot of the towns have largely disappeared. Most of the places mined silver as there was a silver rush in the area over one hundred years ago. In Zincton they mined zinc. You can see the remains of mining activity along this route and traces of the Kaslo - Slocan Railway.

This is a great road. It is paved. It is even better on a motorcycle. There are lots of twist and turns, a few hairpin curves, and great scenery. I saw deer a few times, they did not stay in one place long enough to get a photo. I really need to get back for a revisit. 

Old mine shaft right beside the highway.

It looks like there may have been some activity above.

Remains of mining activity on a mountain.

More mining remains.

A very big beaver lodge just off the highway.

More mining remains.

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  1. Awesome BW :-) I love old mine pics, my grandpa use to be a miner in WVA.