Thursday 23 April 2015

Victoria, British Columbia

There are things you wish your parents had taught you. 

I admire highly organized people as it is a skill that I lack. I am more of a person who makes do with a "rough sort" of my stuff. I have become more organized over the years. It is a struggle. I really wish I was one of those people that can effortlessly and creatively have their stuff neatly labelled and categorized. I have got better simply over the years because some jobs over the years have imposed being organized upon me. 

Which brings me to these photos. I was in Victoria, BC and there was a seal in the harbour thar was tame enough you could hand feed it fish and even touch it. I know it was in May when I went however I cannot remember the exact year. This is what happens when you fail to label and organize things.


  1. The computer photo vault makes it easy - older photos not so much!

    1. The funny thing is these were taken with a digital camera and everything was set up correctly. When they were downloaded to a computer the date assigned in the was 1903.

    2. Yeesh. Instead of "...the date assigned in the was 1903." that should read "...the date assigned when you check the properties was 1903."